Information about submitting manuscripts to Five Islands Press

We are reliant on assistance from the Literature Board grant scheme. Grant applications are submitted in March each year and Australia Council Literature Board decisions finalised in July. At that time, our commitment to the list is finalised.

Timeline for Manuscript Submission

1. Manuscripts are accepted by FIP only during the month of November.

2. Decisions are made during December and January and the authors informed during February the following year.

3. Applications for funding are made by FIP to the Australia Council for the Arts in March, which advises its decisions in July.

4. Five Islands Press then confirms the agreements to publish with the authors.

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission

The guidelines for authors wishing to submit manuscripts to Five Islands Press are as follows:

1. Send your strongest 50 pages of poetry. The team will then request full manuscripts from a compiled shortlist.

2. Full manuscripts should be no longer than 72 pages of poetry, bearing in mind that there will be 36 lines per page.

3. A biography with a clear publishing record and full publication details are to be included. The author’s name may be displayed on the manuscript.

4. Full contact details are to be supplied, including phone numbers, email address and postal address.

5. We will inform all authors of the results by email. Due to the small size of the Press and the large volume of submissions received, no feedback will be given on manuscripts and no correspondence will be entered into.

6. Manuscripts should be sent, as Word Document attachments, to: The subject line should read ‘November Manuscript Submission’.

7. Manuscripts should be sent during the month of November only. Manuscripts sent at any other time of the year will not be read.

8. Manuscripts that fail to follow these guidelines will not be read.