The Sunlit Zone

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*Winner of the 2014 John Bray Poetry Award (Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature)
*Shortlisted for the 2013 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 
*Shortlisted for the 2013 Stella Prize
*Shortlisted for the Wesley Michel Wright Prize 
*Shortlisted for Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards (as a manuscript)

The Sunlit Zone is a moving elegy of love and loss, admirable for its narrative sweep and the family dynamic that drives it. A risk-taking work of rare, imaginative power.

The Sunlit Zone combines the narrative drive of the novel with the perfect pitch of true poetry. A darkly futuristic vision shot through with bolts of light. Brilliant, poignant, disconcerting.
- Adrian Hyland, author of Kinglake 350 and Diamond Dove:

This novel in verse, at once magical and irresistible, draws us in to a vivid future. In Lisa Jacobson’s telling, the Australian fascination with salt water and sea change is made over anew. Romance holds hands with science and takes to the ocean.
- Chris Wallace-Crabbe, author of The Domestic Sublime and By and Large.

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