Beds for All Who Come

Three mothers, three daughters, a girl on fire. Female butchers and bloody poets. Flight after flight into history. Dressing, all dressing for the end of the world. An astonishing volume.
John Schad, Professor of Modern Literature, Lancaster University

Susan Bradley Smith presses at the limits of poetry, not in the sense of formal experimentation but in poetry’s capacity to embrace the lives of others.
Paul Kane, Professor of English, Vassar College

This is a rich and evocative exploration of relations between daughters and mothers, daughters and absent fathers, and between the poet and her literary (and intellectual) ancestors.
Jennifer Warrzinek, Professor of English, Freie Universität Berlin

As a poet, Susan Bradley Smith has perfect pitch: metrical, musical, imagistic… I would put her in the small and select category of poets who never let the violence of emotion interfere with poetic rigour.
Janette Turner Hospital

Author bio

Susan Bradley Smith


Shortlisted for the 2015 Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards
Shortlisted for the 2015 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards


Susie Utting in Text

Siobhan Hodge in Cordite Poetry Review, 5 February, 2015