Brink is a map of Jill Jones’s limbic system. Operating near the edge of instinct, it commutes back to a pre-dawn as it siphons out prehistoric attraction into the network of her poetic formula. Jones electrifies our neurological subways and encourages us to get lost in her epic desire. We alight Brink as better lovers. It’s that good.
Kent MacCarter

Jill Jones’s poems combine alert self-questioning intelligence with springy openness. Who else can give line breaks and caesurae such electric charge? Self-creating things, thing-creating selves, her poems keep at the brink of themselves, now and now and now, shaking off commodities and fixed ideas, improvising with élan.
Lisa Gorton

Brink gives us poetry of extremity and interface, composed from the complex matter of the world in language grown subtle and strong by experience. This is Jill Jones’s ‘dreamy epic’ of lapses and clues, her ‘book of consummations’, in which thought is harder, address more powerful, and existence more beguiling than ever before.
Nicholas Jose

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Jill Jones


Toby Fitch in ABR
Joseph Schreiber in roughghosts
Magdalena Ball in Compulsive Reader
Anne Elvey in Plumwood Mountain

Autumn Royal in Overland

Geoff Page in Cordite Poetry Review

Publication date: July 2017
ISBN: 9780734053640