The Weight of Light

Few Australian poets have fused the mystical and the real with such skill and audacity. Laced with humour and an attention to poetry as something profoundly made, The Weight of Light is a collection to savour.
David McCooey

Kristen Lang’s affinity for the natural world pulses everywhere in The Weight of Light like a drumbeat… In this impressively poised and controlled collection, Lang delves deep into questions of corporeality and ephemerality, always surfacing in clear, crystalline language.
Sarah Holland-Batt

The Weight of Light asks you to listen with your bones. It refreshes you with its intelligence, care and clarity. It is both meditative, like a series of spiritual exercises, and visceral, firmly grounded in the living grass, milk, stones, streams, fire, bodies of place, of work, of journey.
Jill Jones

Author bio

Kristen Lang


Amelia Walker in Text

Mary Cresswell in Plumwood Mountain

Martin Duwell in Australian Poetry Review

Publication date: September 2017
ISBN: 9780734053749

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