rob walker is a perceptive spirit, and his language is fast catching up with his noticings.
Les Murray

tropeland questions the poetic language that propels it forward, dismantling the prosthetic legs of its rhetorical feet. The best poems show rob walker’s ear to be finely tuned to vernacular. ‘Danny in Detention’ is particularly deft: a little masterpiece of the colloquial and concrete.
Aidan Coleman

walker will write about the Fibonacci sequence or extatosoma tiaratum (the phasmid) as well as bong smokers in the suburbs. Bestiary, field guide and joke book, tropeland is sometimes sardonic, but tempered by a humanist and sympathetic sense of the comedic.
Mike Ladd

From Hiroshima to reality TV, this collection manages to swing between soulful and hilarious without a putting a foot out of place. Brave, beautiful and irreverent.
Rachael Mead

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