Aril Wire

Crafted with Anders Villani’s sure eye for detail and enticing turns of imagery, Aril Wire faces violence candidly, interrogating toxic masculinities. Bedtime stories never far from nightmares unsettle intimate relationships. Other-than-human encounters reshape a world where ‘(you could kill a weed / with your brand of care)’. Attention presages kindness.
Anne Elvey

Reading Aril Wire felt like looking through a photo album. Villani’s poems deftly complicate reality with desire, anxiety with hallucination. The scenes and dreamscapes he creates are felt as much as they are read. It feels almost like a season, probably summer.
Oscar Schwartz

Author bio

Anders Villani


Adam Ford in Cordite Poetry Review

Publication date: November 2018
ISBN: 9780734054463

Books can be purchased directly from the author by contacting him on: – all proceeds go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.