Glass Life

Through Jo Langdon’s gaze, the ordinary world is transformed into a snow globe of wondrous possibility. The city and its objects move impressionistically, summer bodies dissemble, and daily routines take on an uncanny glow. Domestic realities are glimpsed or suggested, small histories reveal a chiaroscuro of darkness and light. There is also an awareness of how one may become part of the shadows or on gendered display. Deftly extending the visual sensibility of late modernists like Barbara Guest and Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Glass Life draws together a vivid sensibility with observations that are both sharply astute and powerfully intimate. This second major collection confirms Langdon as a compelling force in contemporary poetry.
Ann Vickery

With wit and shimmering precision Jo Langdon’s poems connect the surreal, imagined world to what is felt. Her music is spare, wounding, hypnotic.
Michelle Cahill

Jo Langdon shows us the world in a snow-dome sequence. In these delicate poems, we observe how the subtleties and shifts of our interior lives merge with the changing qualities of light or weather. This is what she gifts us: an insight into how exquisitely we are held by the world’s spaces.
Maria Takolander

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Jo Langdon


David McCooey’s speech


J V Birch in Plumwood Mountain
William Farnsworth in Mascara Literary Review

Publication date: June 2018
ISBN: 9780734054272