Five Islands Press News

Five Islands Press is no longer accepting new manuscripts for publication. The Press will cease to publish new titles after 2019, and will be winding up in mid 2020. Until then we are committed to publishing and promoting our existing and forthcoming titles.

We thank our readers for their support over the last three decades. We thank founder Ron Pretty and past editors Lyn Hatherly, Robyn Rowland, Dan Disney, Susan Fealy, Sandy Fitts, Michael McKay and Jenna Shaw, for their tireless work. We are immensely proud of the achievements of our authors, and thank them for trusting us with their writing. It has been a privilege to publish so many fine books and be a part of Australian poetry publishing history.

Subscriptions to the Press will still be available for 2018 and 2019. Our Facebook page will no longer be updated, but our website, email address (, and postal address, will be maintained until mid 2020. Please feel free to be in touch.

With best wishes and thanks,
Kevin, Katia, Eddie, Bella and Libby