John Kinsella’s ‘Graphology Poems’ reviewed by Robert Wood

‘In his writing, Kinsella is equipped with mercurial turns of phrase, great breadth of reference, skilled and charismatic daring, prolix volubility and topical range.’

‘If readers find in Kinsella and Graphology any fixed idea […] it might simply be a dynamic possibility, which is to say, his output encourages, and necessitates, a response of our own making. Kinsella has been so various and diverse, so energetic that one can find almost whatever one likes in his writing. In that way, it is a question of saying, which Kinsella do I want to read, not do I want to read him at all.’

The full review, published in foam:e, can be found here.

Graphology Poems: 1995–2015 can be purchased here.