Susan Bradley Smith’s ‘Beds For All Who Come’ reviewed by Susie Utting

‘The contents page of Beds for All Who Come suggests a poetic ride rich in intertextual and sub-textual allusions, as well as public and personal historical details. The Prologue, with its single poem entry “Girl on fire in the eucalypt gulag: Germaine Greer witnessing the end of the world” introduces a cast of characters who appear in three separate Acts: Clementine and Sarah Churchill, Sylvia Plath and Frieda Hughes, and Ulrike Meinhof and Bettina Röhl. All these mothers and daughters write poems. With this cast in mind the reader begins her own journey to explore Smith’s collection.’

The full review, in the April edition of Text, can be found here.

Beds For All Who Come can be purchased here.

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