2016 Ron Pretty Poetry Prize—Longlist


‘A Farm Road Is Its Own Cosmos’ Mara Adamitz Scrupe

‘Apostasy’ Carmel Macdonald Grahame

‘A Simple Mix’ Kathryn Fry

‘Black Madonna’ Jennifer Kornberger

‘Cat Sun’ David Hitchcock

‘Dreams and Intimations’ Steve Armstrong

‘Drift’ Nandi Chinna

‘Egret in a Ploughed Field’ Mark Tredinnick

‘How Not to Fall in Love With That Owl’ Michelle Leber

‘Jesus by July’ Mara Adamitz Scrupe

‘Kyoto Maple Conceits’ Andrew Lansdown

‘Pack Your Bags’ Lucy Williams

‘Panic Very Softly, Love’ Mark Tredinnick

‘Poof’ Laura Jan Shore

‘Praise’ Alison Luterman

‘Scattering’ Janet Upcher

‘The Chair’ Lisa Brockwell

‘The Child and the Vulture’ Damen O’Brien

‘The Feeling of Hurting’ Mags Webster

‘The Munchian O’ Meredith Wattison

‘The River’ Anthony Lawrence

‘The Spanish Revelation’ Marjan Mossammaparast

‘This is what you have done for me’ Stuart Cooke

‘Ticking Again’ Tim Collins

‘Waiting for the Rodeo’ Rose Hartley